MSA Cattle Handling Requirements 

To ensure that cattle grade well under MSA there are a number of on farm cattle handling requirements that must be adhered to.

Cattle dispatched for slaughter must meet the following requirements:

·        Be continually grazed or fed rations to a level that is adequate for growth for a minimum period of one month prior is dispatch.

·        Be handled quietly to reduce stress.

·        Have free access to water until dispatch.

·        Have free access to feed until dispatch, other than the minimum time required for preparation through cattle yards.

·        Do not consign cattle of poor temperament or with signs of severe stress.

·        Do not consign sick cattle or cattle within a withholding period.

·        Do not mix cattle from different mobs or pens on the property within 2 weeks of dispatch.

·        Do not dispatch cattle purchased or moved from another property/saleyard within one month of arrival.

·        Load cattle quietly, preferably without use of electric prodders.

·        Load cattle at recommended densities set out in the trucking code of practice.

·        Cattle slaughter no later than the day after dispatch from the property of origin.

·        No entire males or males which display Secondary Sexual Characteristics (SSC).

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