Grazing Cereal Grain Crops

Pre-Grain State

PCAS cattle are allowed to graze on cereal grain crops provided that for the entire period of grazing the crop was in a pre-grain state.

Under the PCAS Standards a pre-grain state is defined as the stages before the flowering stage as defined in Zadocks Decimal Code for Growth Stages in Cereals as up to and including decimal code 69.


Cereal grain crops can be grazed by eligible cattle post-harvest. In the past the restriction surrounding stubble grazing stated that PCAS eligible cattle were not allowed to graze stubble until 75% of the paddock had reached 21cm of vegetative regrowth.

This standard was updated in September 2016, allowing producers to graze stubble providing one of the following is met:

  •     75% of the paddock has reached 10cm of vegetative regrowth; or
  •     Five days subsequent of a post-harvest rainfall event of 5mm.




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