Purposeful Parallel Production 

PCAS allows producers to conduct distinct types of production systems on their Certified Pasturefed PICs. Producers that wish to run an alternate production system on their Certified PIC need to gain approval from PCAS Administration prior to conducting an on-site audit.

The two major types of purposeful parallel production systems are for HGP treated animal and also the feeding on cereal grains to ineligible animals. 

The process of approval for parallel production is to request a application through PCAS Administration and return it completed. The form requires producers to outline their separate types of production systems. We also require producers to submit a 'cover letter' to clearly explain how the ineligible animals will be kept physically separate from PCAS animals, and how the ineligible animals will be clearly identified as distinct from the eligible animals. This allows PCAS Admin to understand the types of production systems PCAS producers utilse and how you intend to incorporate PCAS into your current production system. 

An example of sufficiently identifying the ineligible cattle would be through the use of a uniquely coloured ear tag in these cattle. To ensure that identification is clear the ear tags to be numbered and recorded, and also for the NLIS devices of the animals to be recorded.

If you have any further questions about Purposeful Parallel Production please contact PCAS Administration



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