Vendor Bred Cattle Definition

Vendor Bred Cattle

Cattle whose first sale is onto a Certified Pasturefed PIC or a property prior to Certification, that is less than eighteen (18) months old and has been raised in a manner that is consistent with the PCAS Standards from birth to sale. 

The critical elements of this definition are:

  • The sale to the PCAS producer or future Pasturefed Certified producer, must be the first sale of the cattle. The vendor bred cattle have to be purchased from the breeder of the animals as only they can provide a guarantee that the animal has never ever had treatments or practices which are not allowed under PCAS.
  • The vendor bred cattle must be less than 18 months old at the time of the sale.
  • Raised consistently with the PCAS Standards- this guarantee is provided through the breeder of the cattle completing a Non-Certified Supplier Declaration.




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